Langendorff Tax Consultancy, Dutch and International Tax Advice

Langendorff Tax Consultancy: a tax advisory firm providing Dutch and international tax advice, quickly and adequately.

We understand your needs, look further for suitable solutions and will provide you with the most favourable tax solution.

Amongst others, we provide:

  • Corporate income tax returns
  • Personal income tax returns (30%, expat, Non-residents forms (c-forms), migration returns and of course normal resident returns)
  • Tax returns with avoidance of double taxation issues
  • Application of and advice on tax treaties
  • Advice for Dutch companies owned by residents or non-residents
  • Advice for non-Dutch companies owned by Dutch residents,
  • (Cross border) inheritance and gift tax issues and returns,
  • Bookkeeping, company registration, business consulting, pay rolling

But also:

  • Cross-border tax advice
  • Objection and litigation procedures
  • Tax at source refund requests and advice on how to avoid tax at source



Complete and compliant in tax advice

With Langendorff Tax Consultancy you will have a full service advisory company as partner. In consultation with our clients we limit our services to that what you want us to do and to what you want do yourself. A to Z advice with clear exit strategies and/or monitoring services. In addition, you will be certain that the advice you get is compliant: our services will avoid unexpected tax charges, additional administrative expenses, negative consequences of not paying, paying double or too much tax and reputational damages for you and/or your firm.

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